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General Public
  • To ensure quality of results and to have confidence in them.
  • To ensure regulators' interests including health and safety, environment, security and other Societal protection and performance requirements.
  • To use AB's, as a professional, independent objective referral organization in cases of complaints and disputes.
Conformity Assessment Bodies & Other Accredited organizations
  • To save the need for duplicate assessments and evaluation of purchased products/services and their suppliers, to recognize their competence and ability to satisfy their customers' needs.
  • As a mean to reduce risks.
  • Mean to increase credibility(marketing tool)
Trade Facilitators
  • As a mean for overcoming technical barriers to trade
  • As the technical foundation for government to government trade arrangements.
  • Assist in conformity assessment infrastructure building in developing economies.
  • To ensure valid results during development, manufacturing, delivery and
  • Distribution of their products and services.
  • To underpin domestic/ international trade.
  • To overcome technical barriers to trade
Test Laboratory
  • As a basis for policy making.
  • As a mean of market regulation.
  • To have confidence in the results.
  • To avoid the need to set up equivalent attestation infrastructures.
Malaysia Standard 2669 : 2017 Official Documentation can be purchase from
Honourable Speech
Dato Sri' Liow Tiong Lai

Minister of Transport

We have found that many tint films fail to meet standards, and there is concern with inferior as well as fake tint films in the market.The new mechanism determines standard tests of tint films, quality and class differentiation, requirements and qualifications, as well as the system that stores all relevant information that can be used by all parties.The mechanism ensures that tint film installation complies with the Malaysia Standard (MS) 2669: 2017.

Using a Quick Response Code (QR Code) security label fixed to the windshield, authorities could scan to detect if the light transmission levels of the film comply with requirements.Only AAA-registered outlets can issue the QR code label and the issuance of the security labels for new cars is expected to begin next year, upon the request of vehicle owners, for free, when they have their windshields and windows tinted.

Prof Dr Wong Shaw Voon

Director General of MIROS
(Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research)

The tinting film is good to rejection the solar heat and UV that harmful to our skin and eyes. It is very important to have a standard and it is more important to use it in the effective way. Thank you for the AAA together with authorities to work this solution out as this standard will bring benefits to the nations.

Datuk Aishah Ahmad

President of MAA
(Malaysia Automobile Association)

MAA support the mechanism system as the standard intention is to control the quality of the products that go to the market. Before this that are many products in market which are not tested, classified and compliant with this Malaysia Standard as well as government regulations. Now the QR code is easy to rectified is the product is comply with the MS2669, it will definitely helps the car manufacturer as well as the after sales market.

Madam Lim Bee Choo

President of AAA
(Auto Audio, Accessorries and Air-Condition Traders Association)

The MS2669 standard was spearheaded by the AAA (Auto Audio Accessories and Air-Condition Traders Association) and supported by the Transport Ministry and Miros (Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research), among others. With this mechanism, a lot of disputes over what tint is acceptable can be resolved.

Saral James Maniam

Research and Policy Manager of Fomca
(Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations)

I think it is a very good news for a consumer and customer who buying the tinting film.The mechanism system will ensure the tinting film they buying from supplier or installer are genuine in term of specification or branding by scanning the QR code that paste between the window glass and film.