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About Us

“Malaysian Vehicle Tint Film Standardisation Mechanism” is the brainchild of multiple government agencies, non-governmental organisations, industry players and experts. This sets a lead-by example for the country and even the region in preparing new mechanism or even new act, as the mechanism takes into account the rights of industry players, consumers and government. It ensures that the Ministry of Transport (MOT) would be able to carry out its duty while safeguards consumers’ rights. At the same time, it also makes sure that the rights of the industry players are not neglected.

For government agencies, as the mechanism is a solution borne out of law enforcement issues, MOT heads the discussion. However, as the system adopts “Malaysian Standard”, which is a national standard, other ministries that involved in setting the new mechanisms are Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation as well as Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism Ministry. Agencies under the MOT, including Land Public Transport Commission, Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) and Road Safety Department also contributed to the new mechanism.

Auto Audio, Accessories and Air-Condition Traders Association (AAA) heads the non-governmental organisation discussion as agreed by MOT. Its main responsibility is to drive the technology development, set out the“Malaysian Standard”draft, and communicate the views of industry players to MOT, especially the Land Public Transport Commission.

In the government administration history of the country, this was the first time a non-governmental organisation given the power to develop and coordinate the making of a new mechanism. AAA not only compiles the views of industry players but also consult the opinions of multiple organisations including Malaysian Automotive Association and Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations before coming to a conclusion of how the new mechanism should be set.

Players in the automotive tint film industry actively offer their thoughts to improve the industry as a whole. Moreover, other industry players under the AAA also contribute their opinions from the consumers’ angle and the association also consults the automotive manufacturing industry. On the experts, MIROS sends its professors to help setting the Malaysian Standard while forms multiple professional teams to provide suggestions and validation. It also helps to test and study the products in the laboratory to ensure that the set standards are reasonable.

The Malaysian Standard makes Malaysia proud as it sets a precedent in the country and even in Asia by collaboration between multiple organisations. It is the best gift for the country’s 60th Independence Day.