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FAQ for MS and Tintrac System
  • What is MS 2669?

    MS 2669 is the Malaysia Standard for automotive tinting film. The standard required several test requirement, namely Solar performance Test, weathering test and boil test to ensure no compromise to vehicular visibility as stipulated in JPJ’s Act, quality product as advertised and robust material as covered by warranty. The MS2669:2017 criteria was discussed and agreed upon by the industry participants in technical committees and working groups

  • Is MS2669 Mandatory?

    MS2669 serves as guideline (and highly encouraged) to members of AAA in the tint film industry and consumer awareness and is not yet mandatory at the point of editorial, tint materials meeting MS 2669:2017 or otherwise is marketable provided its standard meets JPJ’s regulation of 70-50-30 VLT

  • What is MS tests requirement?
    • Solar Test : To get VLT, IRR, UVR and TSER. Test and categorizes the product as Class A(1,2,3), B(1,2,3), or C(1,2,3) (Min Grade).
    • Weathering Test: To confirm tint film heat rejection properties will be stable to a minimum of 5 years.
    • Boil Test: To confirm the quality of adhesive layer against bubbling effect at a given temperature.

    Product that fails to meet the minimum requirement of the three criteria will be reported as not MS2669:2017 compliant.

  • What is whole procedure in MS2669 until the AAA QR code can paste on the car?

    Firstly, the whole tinting film industry including, importer, wholesales, distributor, supplier, retailer, car showroom, and agent must be an AAA member to be able to adopt Tintrac solution.

    Then, only importer, brand holder or wholesaler is required to send tint film samples for running the MS requirement pre test. If the product samples are pass all test, those importers can prepare for consignment test on actual stock. Lab department people, will come to check stock quantity and collect 20% samples for further lab test. If all products is pass the test, Tintrac department will label and input every single rolls of film in Tintrac master system and issued sufficient AAA QR code stickers to all the product according to the right quantity.

    The tint film product and QR code stickers will then distribute to all distributor or retailers.

  • Can the AAA QR code sticker be duplicated easily ?

    Every QR code sticker is unique and it contain vehicle and tint film information when you scan with Tintrac Apps. The QR security seal can be duplicated but it will be rendered useless without the software.

  • How many AAA QR code sticker in one car?

    Total six Tintrac QR stickers in one car. The Tintrac QR stickers is sandwiched between the glass and the tint film. The Tintrac QR code sticker will located on the corners of front , rear and side windscreen.

  • What is the information stated on the QR code can be seen by consumer?

    Vehicle data and tint film information will be displayed upon scanning using Trintrac QR scanner as listed below :

    • Vehicle Data :
      Vehicle registration number, chassis No, Car Brand and Model
    • Tint Film Data :
      Tint Product, tint Brand, installation shop, installation date, VLT, UVT and TSET
  • After installing the QR code, What will happen if the car owner install another layer of darker film on top of original one at their car window.

    The QR code sticker represent the tint film that certified with the MS2669 and it is not compliance with the standard if second layer tint film paste on top of it. It is the car owners prerogative to affix an unqualified material over the MS2669 approved material therefore responsibilities lies with the owner.

  • Can QR code assist JPJ in enforcement ?

    Yes, the security seal has dynamic information that will offer secure and trusted information.

  • What is the procedure for Pre Test?

    Only Importer, wholesaler or brand holder is requirement to run MS lab test. After obtaining Tintrac ID,(http://aaatintrac.my/test.php) to prepare and submit product samples for requirement test, approximately 2 weeks for sample preparation include the curing days when tint film install on glass. Subsequently submitting test request with relevant information. Testing Lab facility will arrange for samples collection.

  • What is the max quantity of rolls for each consignment Test?

    There is no maximum quantity of rolls for each consignment test for the same type for product model. If you have 5 different product model in one shipment for testing, you need to do 5 different consignment test.

  • How to apply AAA membership ID and Tintrac ID?

    Fill up necessary information in here Join AAA Member (http://www.aaamy.my/join-us.php). When your membership submission gets approval, you will receive your AAA member ID, Tintrac ID and temporary password by email.

  • If I have 5 company, can I have multiple AAA member ID?

    In AAA standard protocol, the membership is divided to 2 category, Corporate Life Membership and Associate Life Membership. The membership ID is the company name. If you have 5 company, your first company will register as Corporate Life Membership and you have the voting right in executive meeting. On the other hand, those 4 company which owned by you or majority shares holder owned by you will registered as Associate Life Membership. One individual person only could have one Corporate Life Membership in AAA, the rest of the company will register as Associate Life Membership.

  • If I am AAA existing member and I set up new a company with my partner whereby he/she is the bigger share holder in this new company. What categories on membership can we register.

    If your partner is not existing Corporate Life member, you can register this new company as Corporate Life Member under your partner name.

  • How much is the member fee?

    Both Corporate Life Member and associated Life Member fee is RM500 for lifetime.

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