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Benefits - Government
Ministry Of Transport
  • Enhance the efficiency of law enforcement as the advancement in information and communication technology such as hyperlinks help the law enforcers in identifying unqualified tint films even without a detection device
  • Increase the transparency of law enforcement process as the standards are set, so law enforcers are less likely to be accused of bribery or double standard. This helps to protect the positive image of the law enforcement team too.
  • Reduce the cost of law enforcement by replacing detection devices with mobile applications. The team no longer needs to upgrade its devices but only update the mobile apps. The apps can add in more features to further reduce the dependency on other hardware or devices to save cost.
  • Prevent loopholes in awarding project to unprofessional organisation as the Standard, after being developed and validated by experts and be on par with its international counterparts, requires the system to be established by company and laboratory which are authorised to do so after critical selection.
  • Adopt a free market policy and reject protective policy. The new mechanism and system promote healthy competition among industry players and avoid monopoly which may corrupt the rights of the consumers.
  • Engaging players in the industry and consumers so that the mechanism would fit into the reality and does not confuse the market. This also helps the government to set more relevant and reasonable requirements for the industry.
Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism Ministry
  • Set unified standards for the product. Under this mechanism, the system consists all relevant information and features of the product, especially some features that are difficult to identify such as the expiry date and ultra-violet rejection, so that the ministry could protect the rights of the consumers.
  • Ease the process of product verification as the system consists of crucial information. When consumers lodge complaint against a product, the officers could look for evidence on the system to check if the complaint is legitimate.
Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Malaysian Standard being utilised by the market is not only a recognition to the standard spearheaded by the ministry itself, but also driving its market and economic value.