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Benefits -Industry Player
  • Players previously may need to absorb the fee of vehicle inspection on behalf of the consumers when there is an argument about the product’s features. The new mechanism only cost RM20, a price lower than RM32 for vehicle inspection.
  • Free from legal dispute cause by differences in product’s standards. The brand could also retain its positive reputation.
  • There is only 20% unqualified products in the market and the industry should not be affected by these poorly-made products. The new mechanism ensures that the industry could grow without intervention from government due to overwhelming complaints about the quality of automotive tint films.
  • Under the new mechanism, unqualified products would not be able to pass the tests and will be replaced over time. Ultimately, the products in the market would mostly be high quality products and consumers would not be cheated by sellers.
  • The information and features of the products provide by the system helps to reduce vicious market competition and protect the dealers and retailers as bad apples in the industry would not be able to cheat consumers with low price low quality products.
  • When consumers are more familiar with the quality of the tint film, dealers and retailers could encourage them to opt for products of higher quality. Even though the profit margin of such product would be the same as the normal products, the higher market demand would bring in extra income.