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Our Mission
The Protector Of The Automative Accessories Market

Auto Audio, Accessories and Air-Condition Traders Association (AAA) was established in 1993 when most of the vehicles were fully equipped with accessories from the manufacturers – which severely impact the development of the automotive accessories industry – the association was borne out of the need to communicate the thoughts of industry players to the government.

Since then, the AAA has been the bridge of communications between multiple parties, especially in helping industry players to communicate their issues to government departments and seek solutions to protect the rights of the players.

At the same time, the AAA also concerned with the market outlook of the industry so that the players could stay abreast. In the 21st century where technology innovation is disrupting businesses everywhere, the association is hard at work to create more value for the automotive accessories industry. As the society advances and competition tightens, automotive manufacturers always fully furnish the vehicles with accessories to increase its competitiveness and market share. Under this global trend, gone are the days when the association could protect the industry merely by communicating with the government.


Therefore, the current leadership must undertake reinvention, reformation and value creation to lead the industry to a brighter future. This includes creating positive reputation for the industry, leveraging information and communications technology to increase market share, updating players with the latest global trend and digital marketing strategy as well as keeping tab with technology and innovation on products in the overseas scene.

Moreover, the AAA introduces industry players to international conferences and competitions. Through these international platforms, the association helps the players to appeal to a bigger market and increase demands on the products.

When the Road Transport Department announced its tinted windows ops and a dispute of the standard of visible light transmission arose between law enforcement team and industry players, the AAA played its role to bridge the communication gap again. Furthermore, it also shouldered the responsibility to seek for a feasible solution to ensure that the industry will not be corrupted or affected. This is what its mission is – to ensure the sustainability of the automotive accessories industry.