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Benefits - People
  • Consumers are not forced to pay more for the product. The cost of using the system’s platform will be absorbed by the industry players.
  • The products have been through vigorous and robust test to make sure that they are of high quality and fit the requirement. This helps to avoid situations where consumers are force to carry out vehicle inspections that require money and time, when law enforcers are not sure if their tint films are standardised.
  • With specially-designed label, it is very easy to differentiate between a genuine product and a fake one. Consumers could download the mobile applications to scan and compare if the products are qualified or genuine.
  • The information and features of the product, including its origins and brand will be listed in the system. Consumers need not to worry about being cheated by unethical sellers. They could even compare the prices of the products and select the one with fair price and high quality.
  • The new mechanism requires the product to last for at least five years. This avoids the situation where consumers wrongly purchased low quality products and have to change to new tint film within a short time frame.
  • While empowering the consumers’ rights to information, they still have their options. As the mechanism does not force on anyone and does not monopoly the market, consumers are free to purchase products that they like which may not come with a warranty.