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Standard Operating Procedure for Tint Testing
Step 1

To fill in product test application which at Product Test Application

Step 2

To submit sample at QAV Laboratory according to the below:-

  Test Requirement
No Solar Performance Weathering test Boil test
Samples Size 50 mm x 50mm tint film only (x3pcs) 100 mm x 50 mm Tint film with Glass (x 4pcs) 300 mm x 300 mm (at least 6mm thickness)Tint film with Glass (x 3pcs) – Tempered Glass
Measurements/ Procedure VLT, UV and TSET VLT Measurement → 1000 hours→ VLT Measurement 2 hours of boil test up to 100C

QAV will collect the samples once a week.

Step 3

Testing Period is approximately 60 days from sample collection had received.

Step 4

Report will be issued.